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Chrome extensions make my job as a creative so much simpler. I won’t be going into much detail about what Chrome extensions are or how to install them but I will be sharing my top five favorite ones.

🎨 Colorzilla

Have you ever seen an amazing color palette that you want to save and replicate? Avoid the tedious process of guessing the color and use Colorzilla. The color dropper lets you pick any color on the page and instantly gives you the exact HEX#.

🔎 Whatfont

Do you recognize a font or see one that you want to use? Whatfont lets you learn the font name by hovering over the text. This has been very handy when I see a font that I absolutely adore and plan to use at a later time.

📌 Clipboard History Pro

How many times have you lost what you copied before you pasted because you needed to copy something else? That happens to me so frequently that I decided to search for the perfect tool to help me avoid that. Clipboard History Pro saves all of your copied texts in a thread. You can go back and copy something from one second ago, or two weeks ago. I even ‘Favorite’ any text I copy and paste frequently like the HEX colors to my brand.

💻 OneTab

Do you have tons of tabs open on your Chrome web browser that you wish you can save for later or email a friend? OneTab is the perfect fix. You can organize your tabs as you wish and in a click of a button they will be saved as a webpage. Share the link and you’ll be able to open the tabs from anywhere.

🥰️ Emoji Keyboard – Emojis for Chrome

Are you a person that likes to text or chat with emotions? Chatting is no fun without any emojis. The Emoji Keyboard helps you bring to life your conversations by easily integrating emojis. You are able to search and find frequently used emojis. This is perfect for social media gurus that plan and schedule their content online.

Increasing productivity

These five Chrome Extensions really make me feel more productive as a creative. I live for cutting down on task time and tedious work. Hope these are helpful to you and help you spend that extra time curating your content and coming up with innovative ideas.

Let me know if you already use, plan to use, or would never use any of the five chrome extensions.

As a cya, like anything online, there can be associated risks to downloading chrome extensions so be sure to read all the terms and conditions.