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Feeling lonely and being alone are commonly used interchangeably but actually have very distinct meanings and provide different emotions.

Feeling lonely is a state of emotion that makes you ponder and question decisions, feelings, and worthiness.

Being alone is a state of freedom that allows you to recharge and learn more about yourself.

While loneliness is a feeling that usually happens without intention, being alone is a decision that you make.

Experience to enjoy

Back in 2016, I was able to present my perspective and experience on feeling lonely vs. being alone. Many of my hardships during the start of my college career were a result of living in fear of the idea of being on my own.

Through my experiences, mentors, and many books, I’ve learned that one must experience feeling lonely in order to enjoy being alone. Being alone gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into who you are, what your thoughts look like, what your body feels, and how your mind has been trained to think.

The result of spending time alone is the freedom that you always want to feel. Practice spending quality time with your self. With patience and hope, you will begin to enjoy every second you spend with yourself.

Practice makes perfect

With triumph and a little hope, I was able to challenge myself to practice spending quality time alone. I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO THE SAME.

Here are 10 different ways to productively spend quality time with yourself:

  1. Write in your journal
  2. Go to your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore
  3. Go to the beach, bar, movie theatre
  4. Explore a walk or go hiking
  5. Go to the gym or train
  6. Book a solo trip
  7. Practice meditation or yoga
  8. Volunteer to serve your community
  9. Get a full body massage at the spa
  10. Watch Netflix and chill.

Alone time requires a lot of self-attention. The beginning will feel very uncomfortable but the end will be very rewarding. Always take time to make time for yourself. Include ‘me’ time in your organizational method each week and hold yourself accountable to it.

The entire purpose of spending time with yourself is knowing that you’re perfectly fine alone, but someone’s company is welcomed – not the other way around.

This is one of my favorite videos that highlight the outcomes of building homes in the wrong places or in the wrong people. You’re always going to want company, but it’s different than needing company. Create YOUR own home and experience the joy of being alone. Feel free to share with me.