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What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a marketing channel that companies and organizations use to communicate with subscribers on various topics including announcements, features, upcoming events, involvement opportunities, and more.

Three aspects that make each newsletter unique is the messaging, timing, and call-to-action.

  • Messaging: It’s important to always consider the target audience and the kind of content they would be expecting.
  • Timing: Newsletters perform better when they include timely trends and content. It’s key to quickly relate and connect with readers.
  • Call-to-action: Identify the purpose of the newsletter and how the reader can start benefiting from the message. Every newsletter drives a response or action from readers.

Why do people subscribe to newsletters?

Here are four reasons why individuals may subscribe to newsletters:

1. Offers: A major reason why individuals subscribe to newsletters is for deals and discounts. Whether someone is looking to purchase a new car,  renew a gym membership, or schedule a dinner date, saving money is a priority. Having these offers sent straight to their inbox is a financial benefit to any subscriber.

2. Updates and Announcements: With limited time, individuals are looking for ways to stay in-the-know on topics of their interest. With updates in their inbox, subscribers are staying educated and entertained with the latest features, announcements, highlights, and more!

3. Inspiration: Creative minds, or marketing gurus are subscribing to newsletters to see how companies are talking about their product and services. They might be looking for inspiration to create or improve their own marketing channel.

4. Potential Involvement: Subscribers might be interested in getting involved with a product or service by igniting future partnership opportunities, volunteering, or becoming a promoter of the business.

Which newsletter should I subscribe to?

Below I’ve included a list of my top favorite newsletter subscriptions:

Passion Planner: I enjoy staying in-the-know with the newest productivity inventory by Passion Planner, including their complementary printable PDFs. Also, I like getting updates on their various sales initiatives to support charities and nonprofits.

Snapfish: This is my favorite newsletter for discounts and deals on customized products such as photos, mugs, notebooks, bags, etc. They deliver unbelievable offers that I can’t miss. These emails are simple and straightforward. I enjoy the clean cut designs and authentic photos within each email.

Paperless Post: I really love the UI/UX of these emails. They have awesome visuals and relevant content for electronic invitations.

Talkspace: As a mental health awareness advocate, I love receiving Talkspace messages. There’s always a relevant topic and clear call-to-action each month. The subject lines are clever and really stand out.

The Newsette: News from beauty to business and beyond in your inbox daily, for free.

Tell me what your favorite newsletter subscriptions are!